Countries from A-Z and their capitals

I am only doing one from each category.
















Peru-Lima (also where Paddington bear lives)






Vanuatu-Port Vila



Bones-A to Z

There are multiple bones that go from a to z so i’m going to name only 1 bone from each category.There are also muscles and other things in it.I’m going to go up to ”i” but there will be a link at the end were you can go onto the website that i used.

A-Abducent nerve

B-Back muscles

C-Carotid canal

D-Digital nerve

E-Elbow region


G-Great vessels

H-Hamstring muscles




that is all that i’m going to wright but here is the link and when you go onto the website you can click on anything that is blue but im sure you know how to it.

Months of the year.

I chose this topic because i ran out of ideas so yeah.I’ll also tell you my favorite month and talk about the months in the different seasons if you don’t get it that fine cause i don’t know how i manged to put it in a sentence.Here are the different months.





5-May-One of my favourite months because it is my brothers birthday on the 30th.





10-October-One of my favourite months because it is Halloween.

11-November-My FAVOURITE month because it is my birthday on the 14th.

12-December-One of my favourite months because Christmas.

Okay now onto the months in the seasons

1-Spring(March to May)

2-Summer(June to August)

3-Autumn(September to November)

4-Winter(December to February

That is all and i would like to know your favourite months as well.Thanks for reading my blog.


So i’m gonna learn how to make a few types of foods in this tricky time i hope.So iv’e got a few pictures of the types of foods that i hope i’ll be able to make as long as a grownup can help so lets get started

Tagliatelle al ragΓΉ (image modified).jpg
Chicken Pie.JPG
Chicken and mushroom pie(for Oliver especially)

So i ran out of ideas but if i think of anymore i will add them

Emoji’s 😎😎😎

There are a ton of different emoji’s.Some emoji’s tell us about how we feel.We use some types of emoji’s as a joke over the phone or people might use it over an electronic devise.There are some emoji’s for sport,food,drink,colours and more so ill be going through one from each one.You might get it when i do it so let’s start.

Smiley face with stars 🀩

People and fantasy’s πŸ§›β€β™€οΈ πŸ§›β€β™‚οΈ

Clothes and accessory’s πŸ§₯ πŸŒ‚

Pale emoji’s πŸ–πŸ»

Cream white emoji’s βœ‹πŸΌ

Moderate brown emoji’s βœ‹πŸ½Β 

Dark brown emoji’s βœ‹πŸΎ

Black emoji’s βœ‹πŸΏ

Animal emoji’s 🐬

Food and drink emoji’s 🍦 🍾

Activity and sport emoji’s β›ΈπŸ€ΈπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

Travel and place emoji’s πŸš‰ Β πŸ›

Object emoji’s 🧲 

Symbol emoji’s πŸ•œ

Flags emoji’s 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

New emoji’s

That is all and Oliver is making one on his blog i think so go check it out and i got these emoji’s from Get Emoji’s so check that out to cause it is really cool and you can get emoji’s for free.Thanks for reading and be safe.

Spot the different

Me and Oliver are making some activities for people who are bored.So lets get started










So that is all thanks for doing it and tell me the answers in the comment section.

So i’m continuing my ‘Different languages’ blog.

But this time it is different because i am going to do a place beginning with the letters of the alphabet.If you don’t get it that is fine but you will know what i mean when it starts.So then let’s get into it.

Afrikaans-Hallo my naam Isabel

Basque-Kaixo nire izena Isabel da

Catalan-Hola, em dic Isabel

Dutch-Hallo, mijn naam is Isabel

Esperanto-Saluton, mia nomo estas Isabel

French-Bonjour, mon nom est Isabel

German-Hallo, mein Name ist Isabel

Hawaiian-Aloha, ko’u inoa ‘o Isabel

Igbo-Ndewo, aham bu Isabel

Javanese-Hola, jenenku Isabel

Kurdish-Silav, navΓͺ min Isabel e

Latin-Salve, mi nomen Isabellina

Malay-Hello nama saya Isabel

Norwegian-Hei, jeg heter Isabel

There is one for ‘o’ but it contains a lot of symbols that i don’t know how to write.

Polish-CzeΕ›Δ‡, mam na imiΔ™ Isabel

There are no languages that i can copy for the letter ‘q’

Romanian-Salut, mă numesc Isabel

Spanish-Hola, me llamo Isabel

Turkish-Merhaba, benim adim Isabel

Uzbek-Salom, mening ismim Isabel

There is one for ‘v’ but it is very complicated

Welsh-Helo, fy enw i yw Isabel

Xhosa-Molo, igama lam ngu- Isabel

There is one for ‘y’ but it is complicated

There are a lot of long confusing words in this one

So that is it.Don’t forget to stay safe stay happy and be calm.

Different languages

It is fine to speak in a different languages so i thought i could learn how to speak in different languages.That was the task i set myself to do before i go back to school plus i have to know how to count in Korean because i do a marshal arts and that marshal arts came from Korean.So lets start.

English-Hi my name is Isabel French-Salut mon nom est Isabel

English-Hi my name is Isabel Portuguese-Oi meu nome Γ© Isabel

English-Hi my name is Isabel Russian-Privet menya zovut Izabel

English-Hi my name is Isabel Italian-Ciao mi chiamo Isabel

English-Hi my name is Isabel Hungarian-szia nevem Izabel

English-Hi my name is Isabel German-Hallo, mein Name ist Isabel

English-hi my name is Isabel Greek-Geia to Γ³nomΓ‘ mou eΓ­nai Isabel

So that is all i’m doing today.As you probably noticed i have changed my name from Izzy to Isabel and the 5 cats.If i can come back to school knowing how to say Hi my name is Isabel in different languages.

My favourite songs

I have got a ton of songs that i like but you might not have the same favourite songs that i have and that is fine.So i will be listing my favourite songs.

Kill This Love by BLACKPINK


Nothing stopping me now by Kat Nestel and Vicetone

There are a ton more but i can not remember the names of them.