Animals are amazing for they are special in there own way.

Some animals are ,soft,cute and pet-able.Such as rabbits,Guinea pig,cats,dogs,mice,etc.These animals are pet-able which means you can pet it.If you see a wild dog just leave it alone and it won’t hurt you.

Some are wild,bold,strong,fierce and dangerous.Such as snakes,tigers,lions,wolves ,etc.These animals will hurt you if you try to hurt them.If you see one in the wild though you have to leave it alone unless you want cut,bites or potential death(maybe,don’t know what potential means).

Don’t forget that you are NOT aloud to touch someone else’s pet without there permission.Cause some animals such as dogs are there for an important reason like guarding something or helping someone who needs a dog like a blind person.

Some animals live in water such as sharks,wales,fish,etc.If you see a shark or something dangerous in the water stay still,then move slowly towards a boat or a shore whichever is closer to you.You do NOT thrash about otherwise it will sense you then your in danger.If you are in the creature’s way then move out of its way.Finally the most important rule,Do NOT turn your back on the creature as you swim towards the boat or shore whichever is closer.

I have got a few pictures of different animals.

Cheetah (from Wikipedia)Cheetahs are in danger along with a ton of other animals because they cannot defend themselves from larger animals, humans are destroying there home, and finally they are being hunted fur there fur and they are also being sold to rich people as pets which is not good so HELP SAVE THE ENDANGERED ANIMALS!!
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Panda-also it is in danger (from Wikipedia)
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Whale (not sure what type though) – from Wikipedia
Horses (from Wikipedia)
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Snake (from Wikipedia)
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Snow leopard (from Wikipedia)
Wild Animals | Animal Planet
Lion (from Wikipedia)
A herd of plains zebra ("Equus quagga")
Zebra (from Wikipedia)

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