So i’m continuing my ‘Different languages’ blog.

But this time it is different because i am going to do a place beginning with the letters of the alphabet.If you don’t get it that is fine but you will know what i mean when it starts.So then let’s get into it.

Afrikaans-Hallo my naam Isabel

Basque-Kaixo nire izena Isabel da

Catalan-Hola, em dic Isabel

Dutch-Hallo, mijn naam is Isabel

Esperanto-Saluton, mia nomo estas Isabel

French-Bonjour, mon nom est Isabel

German-Hallo, mein Name ist Isabel

Hawaiian-Aloha, ko’u inoa ‘o Isabel

Igbo-Ndewo, aham bu Isabel

Javanese-Hola, jenenku Isabel

Kurdish-Silav, navê min Isabel e

Latin-Salve, mi nomen Isabellina

Malay-Hello nama saya Isabel

Norwegian-Hei, jeg heter Isabel

There is one for ‘o’ but it contains a lot of symbols that i don’t know how to write.

Polish-Cześć, mam na imię Isabel

There are no languages that i can copy for the letter ‘q’

Romanian-Salut, mă numesc Isabel

Spanish-Hola, me llamo Isabel

Turkish-Merhaba, benim adim Isabel

Uzbek-Salom, mening ismim Isabel

There is one for ‘v’ but it is very complicated

Welsh-Helo, fy enw i yw Isabel

Xhosa-Molo, igama lam ngu- Isabel

There is one for ‘y’ but it is complicated

There are a lot of long confusing words in this one

So that is it.Don’t forget to stay safe stay happy and be calm.

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