As you know my name is Isabel or Izzy for short. I’m am now 12 going on to 13 and im offically in year 8 of secondary. Secondary has been great for my mental health because everything is in order and i have many more friends. My teachers have all been kind and same to with friends. There have been a few arguments with my friends but not as many as there was in primary. Primary was probably one of the hardest times for cause there were no time tables and no order to things. But with secondary there is order and i know what i’m doing. If there are any trips i am told in advance so i have time to prepare.


It has been suspected that i have autism or ADHD. I have not been fully diagnosed but it is something that is being planed. have a long way to go before anything major happens. I am more energetic at times but i’m also a lot more grumpy. But thanks to friends and family i can get through it because they know how to cheer me up.


My appearance has definitely changed as my spots are much less red and i’m hopefully growing out of it. I have had my hair dyed but it is only semi permanent because in school you cant have hair dyed. I’m also more active. I do sports such as dancing,running,cuvling and much more. I used to do gymnastics but the club has been cancelled.


I’m currently focused on woman power and stuff like that because a few of my friends aren’t treated how they should be. That also included me (once). Some people at my school treat me or some off my friends differently. But i don’t ever talk about them because they never bother me now after i showed them that they should never underestimate women or indeed anyone because of their sexuality,personality,gender ect.


But enough about that because it is slowly getting solved by teachers and others. I have always cared for my friends and family. So that is why to some of my friends i act like a parent at times. The reason for this is because they can stray out of lines,not listen bto teachers or cause massive amounts of drama. But i know they have a mind of there own so that is why i let them make most of the decisions in there life. I say ‘most’ because there are times when my friends can make the wrong decision and i have to help put them back on track.


I’m very thankful for my friends because they have always given me support along with my family so i owe them a massive thank you but i have no idea on how to show it so if you have any ideas please let me know. I’m currently learning Korean and trying to expand my knowledge on further countries/states/religions. I’m also learning about Japanese. Learning about this means i have a further understanding of different religions and what countries do. I’m also learning this so i know more about the food they eat and what i like/don’t like.

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  1. I know you mean well when you say you ‘parent you friends’ but actually it’s very annoying and sometimes we just want to be left alone thanks and if we do want to tell you something and don’t want you tell anyone else including teachers bc we have trusted you with a secret and if we know you have told someone we might not tell you anything truthful again. Just so you know. Also maybe make a blog page about how to help people going through stuff bc i k know you like to help people and that will be a better way than telling teachers private secrets. Just an idea 🙂

    • Thanks for that and I was referring to some others when I said that I have to parent them. I’m not annoyed at what you said cause it was a simple misunderstanding and u accept that. Also your idea for a new post was really helpful because I know it would help a lot of people.

  2. Hey Izzy!

    It’s great that you have people supporting you and that you want to thank them. The simplest way to do that would be to just tell them. “Thanks for being my friend, I really appreciate it!” or “thanks for helping me with that thing, I’d been really worried about it.” I always find it’s good to be *specific*. “It’s great to have you in my life, I really love it when you do _______”

    Or to make it more sincere, you could write that in a card for someone. Cards are great because they last for longer and you get a chance to think through exactly what you want to say.

    It’s so exciting to know that you’re interested in Japan and Korea. They’re both great countries (even though they’re far away!) and have great culture and food. I’d recommend “Paolo from Tokyo” on youtube if you don’t already watch his channel. Have you been able to try any foods? For Japan, I really like tofu inari (deep-fried tofu pockets) and for Korea, I really like tteokbokki. Really spicy!

    If you’re ever down in Milton Keynes, let me know! There’s a Japanese temple here and an asian supermarket where you can find lots of Japanese and Korean food.

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