My favourite songs

I have got a ton of songs that i like but you might not have the same favourite songs that i have and that is fine.So i will be listing my favourite songs.

Kill This Love by BLACKPINK


Nothing stopping me now by Kat Nestel and Vicetone

There are a ton more but i can not remember the names of them.

Animals and a type of cake

I know i already did this it i have some different animal pictures this time.There are a few more than last time.Oliver there is one especially for you.At the beginning i thought to put some types of food.

Chocolate fudge cake.jpg
Chocolate fudge cake-from wikipedia
Cat-from wikipedia
Dog-from wikipedia
Two Adult Guinea Pigs (cropped).jpg
Guinea pig-from wikipedia
Kitten-from wikipedia
Puppy-from wikipedia
Flock of sheep.jpg
Sheep-from wikipedia
Labrador-from wikipedia
CH cow 2 cropped.jpg
Cow-from wikipedia-
1. DSC 0346 (10096362833).jpg
German Shepherd-from wikipedia
Doberman-from wikipedia
Sausage dog-from wikipedia

My hopes

My mum and step dad said they will get us a dog one day.They might get it this year and i hope they do.But my brother wont get the dog he wants which is a German Shepard.I want a Labrador or a Golden Retriever.The only problem is that if we get a Golden Retriever is that i will have a lot of hair and i don’t want it to send a ton of hair and make me start sneezing.

Words that start with my name



Adorable (especially when i’m in my bunnie onesie).


Loving (sometimes but if my friends or family are in trouble i will do anything to protect them).

My friends






Inclusive(she lets people get involved with a game we are playing)














I have even more friends but i couldn’t do all of them because i ran out of room.

Mythical animals

There are a ton of different types of mythical animals and we all believe that on does exist and that is fine.I believe that a ton of mythical animals exist.I have a few pictures of mythical animals.Here we go.

Unicorn-from wikipedia
Pegasus-from wikipedia
phoenix-from wikipedia
Dragon-from wikipedia
Brooklyn Museum - Centauress - John La Farge - overall.jpg
Centaur-from wikipedia
Chimera-from wikipedia

That was my last one.I would love to know what your favourite mythical animal is.My brother might also be doing this so check out his version.Thanks for reading this and don’t forget.Stay safe,stay happy and be careful.

Food and Drink

There are a ton of different food and drinks in the world.I will be talking about different types of food and drink but i wont put all of them in cause that would be boring but i could if you want me to ๐Ÿ˜‚.That was supposed to be a joke.

pancakes ๐Ÿฅž I love pancakes.If my mum would let me have pancakes every morning that would amazing but i would most likely end up being ๐Ÿคฎ.I have a picture of pancakes.

Blueberry pancakes (3).jpg
Pancakes-from Wikipedia-

Milk ๐Ÿฅ› I would love to have milk and cookies before breakfast or before bed but i don’t have cookies i think.What do you like to have with your milk.

Milk-from Wikipedia

Biscoff spread. I love biscoff. It is basically a type of spread and i love it.It was made for Lotus biscuits and it is lovely on pancakes,crumpets and biscuits.Here is a picture of a Lotus biscuit.

Wine๐Ÿท I don’t know much about wine but all i know about it is that it is an alcohol and if you drink to much of an alcohol it will make you drunk and i am a kid.The reason why i did this one is cause i couldn’t remember any other types of drinks for a second.Here is a picture of two types of wine.

Red and white wine 12-2015.jpg
Wine-from Wikipedia

What is your Favorited type of food and drink?Thanks for reading this and thanks to wikipedia for helping me out.


Animals are amazing for they are special in there own way.

Some animals are ,soft,cute and pet-able.Such as rabbits,Guinea pig,cats,dogs,mice,etc.These animals are pet-able which means you can pet it.If you see a wild dog just leave it alone and it won’t hurt you.

Some are wild,bold,strong,fierce and dangerous.Such as snakes,tigers,lions,wolves ,etc.These animals will hurt you if you try to hurt them.If you see one in the wild though you have to leave it alone unless you want cut,bites or potential death(maybe,don’t know what potential means).

Don’t forget that you are NOT aloud to touch someone else’s pet without there permission.Cause some animals such as dogs are there for an important reason like guarding something or helping someone who needs a dog like a blind person.

Some animals live in water such as sharks,wales,fish,etc.If you see a shark or something dangerous in the water stay still,then move slowly towards a boat or a shore whichever is closer to you.You do NOT thrash about otherwise it will sense you then your in danger.If you are in the creature’s way then move out of its way.Finally the most important rule,Do NOT turn your back on the creature as you swim towards the boat or shore whichever is closer.

I have got a few pictures of different animals.

Cheetah (from Wikipedia)Cheetahs are in danger along with a ton of other animals because they cannot defend themselves from larger animals, humans are destroying there home, and finally they are being hunted fur there fur and they are also being sold to rich people as pets which is not good so HELP SAVE THE ENDANGERED ANIMALS!!
6 animals no longer on the endangered species list - The Good Life ...
Panda-also it is in danger (from Wikipedia)
Best 20+ Animals Pictures [HD] | Download Free Images on Unsplash
Whale (not sure what type though) – from Wikipedia
Horses (from Wikipedia)
Revealed: the African wild animals suffering most in the global ...
Snake (from Wikipedia)
Snow Animals, review: more CBBC fluff than Attenborough class
Snow leopard (from Wikipedia)
Wild Animals | Animal Planet
Lion (from Wikipedia)
A herd of plains zebra ("Equus quagga")
Zebra (from Wikipedia)

My feelings

This morning i woke up and thought to myself yes i get to see my friends today and then i remembered i couldn’t see them because of the virus and that made me feel sad but then i remembered that i could text them if i got there information but i haven’t asked my mum yet.Then i saw my brother was still ๐Ÿ’ค so i tiptoed past him and opened the door as quietly as i could then i thought of a wicked plan and that was i was gonna scar mum but when i tried she said i was to cute to scar her.

Native American Black And White wolf myth๐Ÿบ.

The white and black wolf

Imagine your walking at night and you see red eyes in the mist,well it might be the white wolf or the black wolf.It will probably be blurry,if so run because it might be the black wolf running towards you.Anyway,onto the meanings ๐Ÿ˜‘,lol.So the white wolf means you are safe, it will guide you to a safe place and it will protect you from other animals.But the black wolf on the other hand will try hurt you.Sorry if i scared you for i didn’t mean to ๐Ÿ˜ฅ .Here are a few pictures of the wolves.

Image result for black wolf native american
Black wolf(or as some people say it is the grim from Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban)
Image result for white wolf native american meaning
White wolf
Image result for black and white wolf dog spirit
Half white.Half black
Image result for black wolf dog
Black wolf dog
Image result for white wolf native american meaning
White wolf dog

Don’t forget this is just a myth but ya know it could be true.Thank you for reading this passage for i was very exited to make this passage.I would like to thank Read Theory for giving me the idea to make this passage.For i was clueless about what my next post would be.But just Imagine those eyes looking at you in the mist.

Eclipse ๐ŸŒ– ๐ŸŒ— ๐ŸŒ˜ ๐ŸŒ‘ ๐ŸŒ’ ๐ŸŒ“

An eclipse is when the moon moves over the sun and hides the sun.You will know when an eclipse has came because everything will go dark and it will get suddenly cold.It will get cold because there is no heat coming from sun.Here is a picture of an eclipse.

Image result for eclipse
Eclipse at night(maybe,cant tell)

Here is the link to find more pictures of an Eclipse

Also here are some dates of eclipses

January 10-11

June 5-6

July 4-5

There will be another eclipse on June 21 reaching its highest point over Africa,Southern Europe and Asia.So if you are in one of these places prepare yourself,there is a chance that it wont happen but i don’t know for i cant see in the future.These are just guesses,so don’t expect me to know.You can get not full eclipses as well.