There are a lot of different types of trees and trees are very special to life.They all have a role to play but there are not enough trees around for people are cutting them down.We should not cut down trees because trees produce oxygen and if we had no oxygen we would all die.There are a lot of different trees out there but here is a list of trees from a to d.

Alder,Alder buck thorn,Apple,Apple(crab),Ash,Aspen,Beech(common),Beech(copper),Birch(downy),Birch(silver),Blackthorn,Box(common),Buck thorn(purging),Ceder,Cherry(bird),Cherry(sour),Cherry(wild),Chestnut(sweet),Cypress(Lawson),Cypress(Leland)

There are more trees out there but it would be boring to list them all of them,then read them all.Yo can get find more trees on the internet,you just need to type A-Z-British Trees.



It’s main functions are photosynthesis(which means organisms and green plants absorbs sunlight and turn them into nutrients) and gas exchange.A leaf is often flat(but not always) so it absorbs the most light ,and thin,so that the sunlight can get to the chloroplasts(which means green plant cells containing chlorophyll and that chlorophyll makes plants green) in the cells.Most leaves have stomata,which open and close.They collect carbon dioxide ,oxygen and water vapour and exchange with the atmosphere.

Leaves go all golden and crispy in the Autumn(which contains September,October,November).In the winter all of the leaves die of.Winter,which is a cold time of year,contains December,January,February.In the spring all of the flower and leave buds come back.Spring,which can be a humid time of year,contains March,April,May.Finally summer,which can be a very hot time of year,contain June,July,August.The leaves are back and then the life of leaves can repeat.It’s like an infinite circle( βšͺ️ ).


Roses 🌹 

Red roses symbolise love,passion,beauty,courage and respect.They have sharp,spiky thorns and it hurts to hold it by the stem.Wild roses will always have 5 petals and 5 sepals.A large number of the petals is a result of mutation and it can can be seen in cultivated roses(which means living cells).They are well known by there prickles.

Roses 🌷

Pink roses symbolises appreciation and gratitude( πŸ’Ÿ and they are also well known for there spikes).

Roses πŸ’

Red roses symbolises love( ❀️ ),yellow roses symbolises friendship,power( πŸ’› ),orange roses symbolises enthusiasm( 🧑 ),white roses symbolises purity( βšͺ️ ),pink roses symbolises joy( πŸ’— ).

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